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members of the [law-rah] collective & their friends

bauke van der wal ( )
bauke is the original member of the [law-rah] collective, hence the first releases being the result of his personal twisted mind. within the years of collective existence, he worked together with several people and re-evaluated the collectiveness of the project, which on its turn changed a solo-project with a weird name into a true collective of artists in auditive and visual areas. and even though bauke remains active with almost all collective output, his dream is to listen to a cd by the collective with which he had nothing to do.
hiekelien van den herik ( )
she is the girl who did those haunting vocals on 1953 and the highly praised '... as it is ...', but she was also the one to write the lyrics for both albums. in the meantime there have been several performances where hiekelien and bauke shared the stage, leaving a deep impact with the combination of her vocals and texts and the massive additional drones.
martijn pieck ( )
after knowing eachother since 1993 and sharing many hours making music together in the mid 90's both martijn and bauke went into different directions when it came to making electronic music. until the time was right to start a project together in the autumn of 2007. with the release of the 2008 album martijn became a full member of the collective and ideas for many future projects are already locked into our collective mind.
dan fox ( )
dan became a 'member' of the collective that night back in 2004 in rhode island, providence when he joined the [law-rah] collective on stage and laid down the thickest layers of noise one could imagine. as loss and fail he himself produces some incredible music himself. hopefully the future brings forward some possibilities to work on music together. the combination of sounds (loss vs. law-rah) would be a complete mindf*ck.
caitlin van leeuwen ( )
the youngest member of the collective is and ever will be caitlin. she took care of one full track on the 'drones for drella' album and her musical influences and recordings are audible in live-performances. and then to think she's only a little over 1 year old. her future will be a musical one.
esther klinkers & mirjam visser ( )
together with esther and mirjam the [law-rah] collective worked on the performance 'isolation'. the basic thought behind 'isolation' was "the ritual as a method of coping with fear" which was worked on musically (by law-rah) while esther and mirjam wrote the choreography. 'isolation' was performed twice; once at the new forms festival in the hague, netherlands on june 7th 2002 and one month later for friends and family who couldn't be at the first performance.